Working In Oncology
Working In Oncology

Episode 0 · 7 months ago

Introducing Working in Oncology: Stories, Challenges and Advice from the Inside


We couldn’t be happier to announce the launch of Working in Oncology, a BioPlus podcast that’s all about the stories of oncology staff practice members. 


In our very first episode, we introduce our 2 hosts Alicia Evans, Integrated Marketing Specialist, and Scott Cothran, Region Clinical Liaison, both at BioPlus.  


What we talked about: 

-Topics you can expect to hear on the show (think chemotherapy practices, research for clinical trials, & counseling patients) 

-How BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy is a partner to oncology groups 

-Our main goal: To share insights that keep our community connected  


Contact your hosts with guest suggestions, topic ideas, & feedback:  

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