Working In Oncology
Working In Oncology

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Introducing Working in Oncology: Stories, Challenges and Advice from the Inside


We couldn’t be happier to announce the launch of Working in Oncology, a BioPlus podcast that’s all about the stories of oncology staff practice members. 


In our very first episode, we introduce our 2 hosts Alicia Evans, Integrated Marketing Specialist, and Scott Cothran, Region Clinical Liaison, both at BioPlus.  


What we talked about: 

-Topics you can expect to hear on the show (think chemotherapy practices, research for clinical trials, & counseling patients) 

-How BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy is a partner to oncology groups 

-Our main goal: To share insights that keep our community connected  


Contact your hosts with guest suggestions, topic ideas, & feedback:  

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You're listening to working in oncology, a podcast and video show that spotlights oncology practice staff and industry influencers who work behind the scenes to shape the future of oncology. The more knowledge the oncology community shares with each other, the more we all grow. Let's get into the show. Welcome to the introductory episode of working in Oncology, a new podcast by bioplus. We're here today with Alicia Evans and Scott Catherine, two of the host of the show. How's it going today, guys? Very good. Thank you. Hi, Kelsey, and doing great. Amazing to give her, for one a bit more contact. My Name's Kelsey, course, I'm one of the producers to the show, and today we'll be talking about what you, the listener, can expect from this podcast. But before we jumped into that, Alicia and Scott, tell me a little bit more about yourselves. Alicia, let's start with you. Sure. So I am the bioplus marketing specialist and I've been with...

...the company just one year. I'm located in Beautiful Central Florida and I think my favorite part about living and working here in central Florida is the wonderful whether that we get most of the time. Hey, Kelsey, this is Scott Kathrine. I'm the regional clinical laison for bioplus. I've been with the company a little over a year. I live in South Carolina, but I cover the great states of Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. Speaking of warm weather, we definitely get it down here in the south. I'm a big golfer. Don't everyone's play that much, but at least the weather allows me to hopefully get out about eleven months out of the year, so wouldn't be anywhere else. Yeah, that's amazing. I see we're already kind of developing a southern theme and you guys touched on bioplus. So why did you guys want to start this podcast? Bioplus is starting this podcast because we want to share the unique perspectives from all the roles inside the oncology setting. We really...

...feel that sharing our collective knowledge makes us all better. I really like that. Sharing collective knowledge makes us all better. What a phenomenal kind of mission statement. And you touched on bioplus just a little bit. But Scott, can you tell me a little bit more about bioplus, the sponsor of this podcast. Absolutely Kelcy bioplus specially pharmacy is one of the nation's largest independent especially Pharma season. Our goal, you know, is to serve the patient. I know realize that's abroad overarching goal, but encompassed within that is our ability to work with so many different folks in oncology and also a lot of different specialties. But you know, our goal is to get patients the best experience possible and getting their medications. You know, in oncology they tend to have a lot more worries, unfortunately, than just their medicine. So we looked a partner with a lot of our oncology groups work with the nurses and the financial counselors and social workers and the providers to make sure everything flows smooth and...

...quickly and health these folks get the medicines that they deserve. I love that and it seems like there's so many kind of moving parts that you guys are working with. So, as listeners are tuning in, what can they expect to hear from each episode? And at least a you're in marketing, Scott, you're a regional manager, so I'd love to hear from both of you at least sea. Why do you start. Sure. So each episode will feature an oncology staff practice member discussing topics such as identifying patient needs, communicating effectively with other members of their team, chemote therapy practices, research for clinical trials, surgery best practices, how to counsel patients and their families and so much more. Yeah, to pit to piggyback off that. Oncollege is so unique Kelsey in its scope because there's so many different folks that have unique roles within the office, but they collectively have an all hands on deck approach to patient care. So that's why we feel like, you know, everybody really...

...has a great story to tell. I think they have the opportunity to share maybe some best practices, give some helpful hints or tips. So we feel like we want to keep this community connected because there's so many folks that do play such critical, critical roles in patient care within oncology and we just want to stay connected to everybody. Connectedness and partnering are all just really wonderful things to hear and I think that you guys will definitely be able to kind of like spread your reach and bring everyone together truly by this podcast. So, speaking of that, if a listener wants to connect with you, say they have ideas for episodes, topics or even guess that you should feature on the show. What's the best way for them to do that? I can probably be best reached on Linkedin. You can find me at Linkedincom Alicia M Evans, and for myself it's email, which would be s Katharine, bioplus Our...

...xcom Austin, and all of that information will be found in the show notes below so that I'll be able to connect with you guys directly. Well, that actually wraps it up for our introductory episode. Elesia Scott and a few other cohosts will be taking over the rains for episode one and beyond. Thank you guys so much for joining me today and I'm so excited to see the show grow. Thank you, Kelsey. We are too. Thanks Kelsey. Are You satisfied with your patients curtsy to therapy, or are you just settling? You can improve patient outcomes with bioplus specialty pharmacies. Power of two, the first ever two hour, two day to gather promise it's faster and easier for you and your patients to learn more. Visit bioplus R xcom you've been listening to working in oncology. To ensure that you never miss an episode, subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast player. If you're listening in Apple Podcast, we've love for you to leave with rating of the show. Just...

...have the number of stars you think the podcast deserves. Thank you so much for listening. Until next time,.

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