Working In Oncology
Working In Oncology

Episode · 2 weeks ago

Oral Chemotherapy Treatments: Everything You Need To Know w/Julianne Darling


“Technology moves too quickly not to use it.” - Julianne Darling.

Oral chemotherapy is one type of medically advancing technology saving lives around the world.

In this episode of Working in Oncology, I take a closer look at it with Julianne Darling, Manager of Clinical Initiatives at NCODA - National Community Oncology Dispensing Association.

What we talked about:

- Julianne’s background

- Oral chemotherapy treatments

- Resources for providers and patients

- Managing provider and patient education during COVID-19

- Advice for improving patient communications

Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:

- Julianne’s LinkedIn profile

- Julianne’s email address

- NCODA’s website

- BioPlus’ website

- NCODA Positive Quality Interventions

- Oral Chemo Ed Sheets (website)

- HOPA’s website

- ONS’ website

- ASCO’s website

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