Working In Oncology
Working In Oncology

Episode · 5 months ago

The Quest to Standardize Oral Chemotherapy Care with Julianne Darling


“Technology moves too quickly not to use it.” — Julianne Darling

It’s an age-old question in healthcare: How can we standardize a superior quality of care — no matter who’s being treated or where they’re being treated?

In this episode of Working in Oncology, we look at this question through a more granular lens: oral chemotherapy.

We’re joined by Julianne Darling, Manager of Clinical Initiatives at NCODA - National Community Oncology Dispensing Association.

We discuss Julianne’s career transition from impacting patient care on a local level to a national level, and how NCODA works to improve care quality and education for oral oncology patients as well as their providers.

This is a must-watch (or listen!) for anyone in the oral chemotherapy space. It’s loaded with tips, tools, and free resources to help you optimize and streamline care management and patient communication.

Here are the show highlights:

- NCODA’s positive quality intervention (PQI) initiative and first-of-its-kind oral chemotherapy education material (5:03)

- Julianne’s transition from direct patient care to operationalizing on a “bigger picture” level (8:36)

- How you can get your free oral chemotherapy education (OCE) patient handouts and more (14:00)

- Slow down! And more tips and best practices for communicating with patients (18:41)

- How COVID has changed the way Julianne communicates with patients (22:32)

- One thing you can change right now to improve your patient communications (28:56)

And check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast:

- Julianne’s LinkedIn profile

- Julianne’s email address

- NCODA’s website

- BioPlus’ website

- NCODA Positive Quality Interventions

- Oral Chemo Ed Sheets (website)

- HOPA’s website

- ONS’ website

- ASCO’s website

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