Working In Oncology
Working In Oncology

Episode 6 · 8 months ago

Showing Your Presence: Career Planning in Healthcare


Do hiring managers really toss resumes with misspellings? Yes.

How should I dress for an interview in a private practice? Business attire.

Will it be damaging to take the GRE a second time? Not really.

In this episode, we interview Dr. Joy Parchment, a nurse executive, former pediatric oncology nurse, and faculty at University of Central Florida, about the tactical side of career planning and professional development.

Dr. Parchment and I talked about:

-Starting with what you love, your strengths, and your core values

-Advice on schools, accreditation, and testing

-All about resumes and the interview process

-The biggest myth in healthcare: we can’t adapt to technology

Check out these resources we mentioned in the podcast:

-5 social media mistakes you're probably making  

-How to create a professional brand 

-MyMnCareers: My Career Plan  

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