Working In Oncology
Working In Oncology

Episode 2 · 9 months ago

We Innovate Constantly in Healthcare … But Don’t Take Any Credit w/ Dr. Bonnie Clipper


Every time we figure out a work-around or create system changes to make sure our patients get the right treatment … that’s innovation. 


People in healthcare innovate all the time, but we tend not to view ourselves as innovators. 


In this episode, I interview Dr. Bonnie Clipper, Chief Clinical Officer at Wambi and nursing innovation evangelist, about innovation in healthcare. 



We also talked about:  

  • The mindset change that it takes to be an innovator 
  • The first ADHD focus game to get FDA approval 
  • Being one of the top 3 nurse influencers  


Check out these resources mentioned during the podcast: 

-Fast Company has great ideas that apply to healthcare 

-The Innovation Roadmap: A Guide for Nurse Leaders (whitepaper) 

-The Nurse’s Guide to Innovation (book) 

-Dr. Clipper’s YouTube channel 


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